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System Development Service

  • Construction Project/Contractor Performance Management System

CONSOL developed web-based Contractor/Project Performance Evaluation System

Experience – South Construction Bureau; Project Performance Evaluation on existing 689 Projects; recent past (6 years) projects conducted in the Region: The System developed generate the following reports;

The Contractor Performance Monitoring and Evaluation System

  1. Contractors Performance Monitoring and Evaluations – by Key Performance Indicators (KPI) such as Time, Cost, Quality etc…
  2. Contractors Overall Performance by Project
  3. Contractors Overall Performance Evaluation on Multiple recent Project
  4. Contractors performance ranking

The Project Performance Monitoring and Evaluation System

  1. Project Details – Cost, Time, Payment Tracking
  2. Project Financial Performance Evaluation
  3. Project Physical Performance Evaluation
  • Electronic Records Management System
  • Project Management – Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3®) (PMI)
  • Oracle® – Engineering & Construction – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – Project Management (PM) Integration
  • Procurement Management System (Automation of the Supply Chain)


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