Strategy & Innovation

CONSOL Construction Consultants is a national leading construction consultancy established more than a decade ago.

Operating in a number of regions in Ethiopia, and employing an expansive and rapidly growing team, we have the skills and expertise to deliver your vision feasibly no matter its scale.


Construction Management Research and Development & Consultancy Services (CMRCS)

With the extensive industrial expertise and many years of R&D experience collectively acquired by CONSOL CMRCS Team in numerous field in the Industry, we offer Construction Management Consultancy Services.

Business/Organizational Management Consultancy

CONSOL is a sole provider of business, operations, management, technology and marketing consulting services for Construction Companies and Corporations. We work with the construction sector. As experienced Construction and Business Management Consultant, we understand how our clients operate.

Custom-Made Training Service

CONSOL develop Tailor-made Training for our Clients specific need. Our Curriculum Design Team will assess Client’s need and come up with custom made training to solve specific problem identified.

Clients participate in our program in the following three ways:

  1. Custom-Made Training
  2. Scheduled for Company Training
  3. Quarterly Training Plan

CONSOL is Authorized Training Center (ATC); Authorized Exam and Certification Center (ACC) to Autodesk®.

CONSOL is also an Authorized Training Partner to PMI® (the International Project Management Institute) in Ethiopia. It is an Authorized Exam and Certification Center to the worldwide well known Certification Project Management Professional ( PMP®).

System Development

  1. Construction Project/Contractor Performance Management System
  2. Electronic Records Management System
  3. Project Management – Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3®) (PMI)
  4. Oracle®
  5. Procurement Management System (Automation of the Supply Chain)

Software Resellers

CONSOL is Authorized Reseller in Ethiopia for the following Software:

  1. Authorized Reseller – Autodesk®
  2. Authorized Reseller – Kaspersky®
  3. Authorized Reseller – TOPCON®


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