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Custom-made Training

The Construction Industry need people who possess skills and knowledge in the management of construction projects and business management projects. Construction Companies, Employer Organizations and other businesses involved in construction understand that in order to achieve competitive advantage, it is crucial for their employees to be professionally developed and trained.

We offer a varied range of training methods that can be used together or in isolation ensuring a maximum return on your investment.

The Construction Solutions (CONSOL) team offer fully tailored training packages that carefully consider your company goals and user-levels. These relaxed, informative courses are delivered by our industry experienced technical construction team whose goal is to provide the most cost-effective & consultative route to success.

Our instructors at CONSOL are among the finest in the business. They possess decades of experience in training, educating and helping business professionals increase their competitive awareness, intelligence and skill advancement.

By assessing of construction professionals and companies’ capacity gap, CONSOL, throughout its stay, has developed more than 100+ training topics and delivered more than 500 sessions, mostly under the following categories:-

  • Construction Project Management
  • Contract Management
  • Business Management
  • Engineering Software
  • Communication Skills
  • Support Staff Training

Not merely this, we also develop Tailor-made Trainings for our Client’s specific needs. Our Curriculum Design Team will assess Client’s need and come up with custom made trainings to solve specific identified problem.

Trainings are further tailored to meet Client’s specific needs. Clients participate in our program in the following three ways:-

  1. Custom-Made Training

By assessing and identifying the current company needs we come-up with tailor-made training course to meet the company’s specific needs.

  1. Scheduled for Company Training

We schedule our Off-the-Shelf trainings for Companies as per their schedule.

  1. Quarterly Training Plan

We post our Quarterly Training Plan on our website, we deliver sessions for individual or company applicants accordingly.  

CONSOL offers Custom / Tailor-made Training Courses under the following categories:-

  • Construction Management Training
  • Engineering Software Training
  • General Management (Business Management) Training
  • Legal Trainings
  • IT Trainings


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